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Cracking Wi-Fi, for real

Cedric Blancher, uno de los gurues del wireless hacking, nos presenta uno de los training mas solicitados por los asistentes de la ekoparty: Cracking Wi-Fi, for real.

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Cracking Wi-Fi, for real

Wi-Fi cracking has been around for many years. Tons of tutorials can be found on the net. However, most of them don't focus on the only thing that matters: how things are really working and what is really happening behind the tools. That is the gap this training is intended to fill.
This two days training will describe in depth the process of pentesting Wi-Fi networks, for little profit maybe and fun for sure. We will discuss WEP vulnerabilities and how to exploit them, WPA PSK cracking, understand how the tools work, what they do, when and how to use them for the best results. We will also discuss attacking open networks such as hotspots, and play with the traffic.

This training aims at bringing students to proficiency in pentesting Wi-Fi networks. This includes a deep understanding of Wi-Fi protocols, security mechanisms and associated vulnerabilities.
They will learn a methodology and how to use the required tools to fully achieve their attacks. The training will cover a wide range of tools, including Python programming using Scapy Wi-Fi capabilities.


IDIOMA: English

Students will be given:
- Slides for the training
- Hands-on exercices cheat-sheets
- Backtrack live CDROM

 0. Introduction to 802.11
 1. WEP overview
 2. WPA overview
 3. Attack tools
 4. Attacks pre-requisites
 5. Basic WEP and WPA cracking
 6. Handling specific situations
 7. Playing with open networks
 8. Introduction to Scapy for Wi-Fi
 9. Conclusion

TRAINER: Cedric Blancher
Cedric is a senior researcher at EADS Computer Security Research Lab near Paris. He is working on network security and has been focusing more specifically on wireless security. He has been authoring articles and presentation worldwide on that topic, and has written Wifitap, a traffic injection based attack tool for Wi-Fi, along with PoCs tools for disrupting Wi-fi network traffic.

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