martes, 27 de septiembre de 2016

Eko 12 - Pre-CTF!


Saturday 1st October 15:00 GMT (12:00 Argentine Time)

Saturday 8th October 15:00 GMT (12:00 Argentine Time)

Saturday 15th October

Four security problems will be published on the main site of the EKOPARTY's CTF ( on the 
right date, this problems could be resolved offline and each of them will have a punctuation. 

More accumulated points and fastest answer to the problems, will give you more chance to win free tickets to the conference!

It's necessesary that you send us a mail to with the following mandatory fields filled (the absense of a a filled field will be traduced to a problem without solution and without score):
  1. Títle: Pre-Eko problem solution [Problem Name]
  2. Answer.
  3. Solution: Steps to find the solution.
  4. Procedure screenshots: screenshots that verify the solution of the problem.

Ekoparty will give 5 free conference tickets. They will be elegible for 1 person (the leader of a winner team or a individual winner). Not refundable. Non transferable.

We look forward to your participation!

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