lunes, 4 de septiembre de 2017

EKOLABS 2017 - Call for Tools is Open!

As you know the concept is very simple, the EKOLABS tool area is dedicated for independent researchers and the open source community. We will provide kiosks complete with monitor, power, and wired Internet access and you will bring your machine to showcase your work and answer questions from delegates attending ekoparty security conference.

It is with great pleasure that we announce the launch of the Call for Tool for this edition of EKOLABS held at the Ekoparty 2017.

The same old rules to consider before applying:
  • Bring your computer (consider video outputs HDMI/VGA), your tool, your stickers, your t-shirts …
  • As speaker you will have one (1) full ticket for the conference.
  • EKOPARTY won’t pay your accommodation and flights for the conference.
  • Avoid stodgy keynotes. Folks are expecting action. So give’em action.
  • No vendor pitches!
  • Be yourself, be cool, and wear a smile.
  • Hug the folks at the EKOLABS :)
  • Above all, have Tremendous Fun !!
If you think you can survive these rules and want to give your tool a chance to shine, the time is now! Applications for EKOLABS will be accepted until Saturday 9, September 2017, with rolling acceptances until that date.

Complete the form at:

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