sábado, 9 de septiembre de 2017

CTF International 2017!


Sunday 16th September 0:00 UTC


Sunday 17th September 12:00 UTC

36 Hours


The competition is an online jeopardy game, accessible from Internet which has a duration of 36 hours (16 September 00:00 UTC - 17 September 12:00 UTC):
- The competition can be played by individuals or groups, only one account per team.
- You may not be elegible to claim the prize if you are an employee or contractor of EKOPARTY or any of its affiliates.
- The participant must provide a real point of contact for future notifications or claim the prize.

Participants that behave inappropriately will be immediately disqualified, including:
- Share solutions or hints.
- Attack computers or applications not designated by the competition.
- Attack other participants.
- General bruteforce attacks over online platform.
- Duplicated accounts.
- Other things we consider to be unfair.

There is no need to use tools such as nmap, sqlmap, dirbuster, nikto, nessus, etc, each challenge is built to be solvable
without those kind of tools.

Participants are ranked by score and speed. Score is dynamically defined.

Meet us on irc.freenode.net ##ekoctf and #ekoparty if you have any question, suggestion, or found a bug in the competition. 


Top 3 internacional:
- 300, 200, y 100 USD

Top 5 Local: 
- Ekoparty will give 5 free conference tickets for the first 5 persons that want to assist at the event. Not refundable. Non   
We look forward to your participation!

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